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Interval training the new super diet?

A break-through in science for a flat abdomen.

You can loose up to 5 times more belly fat. Without going on a diet!

A flat abdomen?

Here is the surprising good news from the scientists. Researchers from the University of Virginia demonstrated that by running at a high speed you loose five times more belly fat than running at a moderate speed, despite using the same number of calories!

As it happens you loose weight quicker with interval training.

This is because this form of training increases the combustion of calories. Your adrenaline level also increases and that is a hormone that helps the combustion of belly fat.

You will also start to combust fat in the rest of your body more efficiently.

You also loose more visceral belly fat (the dangerous fat between the organs that amongst others increases the chance of diabetes and heart and vascular diseases).

After an interval training your body will continue to burn calories for another 24 hours.

A second advantage is that your body will also look leaner thanks to the muscle tone.

Apart from fat combustion it is also the ideal way to quickly build up condition and muscle strength.

Your strength, condition and speed will improve with great leaps and your fat combustion increases.

With three 20- to 30-minute interval trainings per week you can loose up to 1 kg per week.

Without dieting! Eat and drink as you normally do.

You will notice that your body is already adjusting after 1 week.

- The abdominal muscles tighten

- The fat combustion is working at full strength

- More strength and endurance

Here you can listen to some samples of interval trainings.

At the change in tempo you will hear an audio signal of 8 beeps.

Running 30 sec.

Walking 60 sec.

6 times

Mix 1

Mix 2

Mix 3

Mix 4

Mix 5

Mix 6

Mix 7

Mix 8

Mix 9

Mix 10

Here you can listen to some samples of Warming-Up mixes.

Warm-Up Mixes of 10 Minutes

Mix 1

Mix 2

Mix 3

Mix 4

Mix 5

Mix 6

Mix 7

Cool-Down Mixes of 10 Minutes

Mix 1

Mix 2

Mix 3

Mix 4

Mix 5

How to start?

For beginners we recommend starting with the 5 km course.

If you can run for 15 to 20 min without problems feel free to start this interval training.

First you will warm-up for 10 min. Choose a 10 min. warm-up from the downloads.

You can use this to jog lightly or to speed-walk until you have warmed up.

Next you start the interval training. Choose an interval training from the downloads.

Start with the 10 sec sprint and 20 sec running mix, to allow your body to adjust to the exertion.

Never start the 1st sprint of the interval training at 100% capacity.

Sprint 1 at 80%; keep running, faster than jogging.

Sprint 2 at 90%, keep running, you can go a bit faster.

From sprint 3 onwards at 100%, now you go full out.

After the interval training you choose a cool-down mix of 10 min and you calmly walk it off.

When should you start doing longer intervals?

When you feel that you recover quickly after the training.

You then switch to the 15-second sprinting and 30-second walking intervals, etc…

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