- There are 9 mp3 mixes, one for each of the nine weeks.

- Download the mixes to your mp3-player.

- We start with week one.

- For example: week one = 4x1 minutes running followed by 4x2 minutes walking.

- Fast music means running, followed by a sound signal and then the slow music for walking etc.

- Your body adapts and each time you run your performance will improve.

- Train 3 times a week e.g. Monday – Wednesday – Friday.

- Have a rest day between each training.

- Never train on two consecutive days.

- Refrain from eating for 2 hours before you run. It’s best to eat a banana 2 hours before you start your workout.

- Warming up: a light jog on the spot for one minute plus a few stretch exercises.

- Make sure you take in enough liquids – drink enough water for the training and take a flask of water with you so you can drink during your run.

- The training schedules

- An mp3 mix is developed for each week. Download it on to your mp3-player, select the week and …run!

- Every mix starts with running.

- In the beginning, you may have some muscle pain. This is normal – your muscles have to adapt to the exercise ( that’s the reason for a rest day between trainings)

- People with health problems or those who haven’t taken part in sports for a long time are advised to consult their doctor first.

- Listen to your body...

- If week one is too easy then switch to week 2 or 3.

- If a week is too difficult then repeat this week or go back a week.

The secret that makes it possible for everybody to learn how to run with BeatRunning

By running on the beat of the music, the length of your steps will determine the effort level.

Small steps require less effort than big steps after all, and yet you are running.

By starting out with small steps every time you run, you will notice that it takes almost no effort, and in that way you can start training in an easily / in a simple way.

Once you are warmed up you can gradually increase from small steps to larger steps until you are at a comfortable level.

You keep on following the tempo/beat of the music.

By using this technique in the running part of the Start Running course, you will notice that you can easily finish each training.

- Have fun ...

- The BeatRunning Team.

25 reasons to run

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