You will not be surprised to know that running is the most popular sport in the world. One person will run because it makes them feel good – another to lose a few kilos. Everyone has their own reasons for putting their running shoes on. Here are 25 reasons why you should start running:

Most important reason: running is the most efficient way to keep your heart and blood vessels in optimal condition. 30 minutes running – three times a week results very quickly in an excellent physical condition.

1. Running lowers your pulse rate

Your heart is a muscle. Through aerobic training, your heart becomes stronger so that it pumps blood more efficiently. Because your heart works more efficiently, more oxygen reaches the cells in your body. In principle, you may live a few years longer.

2. Running lowers the risk of heart disease

Exercise lowers the risk of blood clots and decreases the chance of having heart disease. People who do not exercise are twice as liable to have heart disease.

3. Running lessens the possibility of having a stroke


4. Running lowers your blood pressure


5. Running lowers the risk of intestinal cancer

Regular running improves your digestive system.

6. Running makes your joints stronger and healthier

During exercise muscles contract on your bones therefore more bone tissue is produced. This is an important step in the fight against osteoporose which can be best avoided by taking exercise and healthy eating.

7. Running ensures an improved circulation and stronger lungs


8. Running improves your complexion and your skin becomes more smoother


9. Running helps you to lose kilos and keeps your weight stable

Exercise is essential for losing weight and keeping it off. That’s because your metabolism (which is the rate at which your body burns off calories) increases as does your muscle bulk so that more fat is burned off.

10. Running regulates your blood sugar level

Physical activity helps stabilize your glucose levels–this is even more important for diabetics or those who run the risk of becoming diabetic.

11. Running keeps your cholesterol levels in balance

Exercise raises the level of good cholesterol (HDL) compared to bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowers the less healthy fat levels (triglycerides) in your body.

12. Running raises your pain tolerance

By raising your endorphin level (the natural pain killer in your body) exercise can help alleviate pain such as PMS symptoms and menstruation pain. The deep breathing during exercise encourages more oxygen into your blood circulation and helps to relax the uterus.

13. Running helps you have an easier pregnancy and birth


14. Running lowers physical and emotional tension (less stress)

       Not only does running lower your physical and emotional tension but it can also relieve      

 Panic attacks and depression.

15. Running improves your thinking process

Running improves your productivity by helping to clear your head so that you think more clearly and improve your concentration.

16. Running makes you more supple

Stretch exercises help to lengthen your muscles therefore your body becomes more flexible.

17. Running reduces back pain

Stretching exercises also reduce back pain.

18. Running gives you a younger and healthier body

Every year we spend lots of money in order to keep your body young and healthy. Regular exercise can slow down the ageing process.

Running gives you a healthy skin. According to dermatologists, it promotes blood circulation to the skin so that waste products are more quickly disposed of. It also lowers the amount of sub-skin fat tissue.

19. Running allows older people to enjoy being independent for a longer time


20. Running strengthens the immune system - in the long run- so that you have less

      chance of becoming ill

21. Running regulates your waste products

Exercise reduces constipation by keeping your intestines active and helps against having a bloated and flabby appearance through effective sweating.

22. Running helps you sleep better

Because your muscles are less tense you will be more relaxed at night. You will fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed.

23. Running gives you more energy


24. Running makes you healthier


25. Running gives you a feeling of euphoria

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